Lizze Extreme Flat Iron Professional Hair Straightener


Are you tired of waiting for hours for your hair to be done? The Lizze Extreme can cut the waiting time to 40 minutes. The flat iron is designed for progressive hair straightening, reducing passes from 16 to only 4 in a progressive.

Lizze Extreme Flat Iron Professional Hair Straightener

Lizzie Extreme is the new flat iron with a very progressive design. It is up to 4x faster than traditional flat irons with only 16 passes and an extreme temperature of 480 °F (250 °C) that makes the hair dryer unnecessary. You’ll reduce the time from 2 hours to only 40 minutes with 16 passes.

It protects the hair from direct contact with the aluminum plate, making sliding even easier and making the straightening process faster, more precise, and more uniform, guaranteeing the brightest and silkiest hair!

Exclusive for professional use. The four pillars of technology are technology, comfort, agility, and mobility.

The plates fit perfectly into the locks, shaping and sliding more easily without damaging the hair.

– Voltage: 220V.

– Temperature: 250°C (480°F).

– Function: Straighten the hair.

– Color: Grey.

– Product dimensions: 290mm x 30mm x 30mm.

– Titanium Plates: 29mm x 110mm.

– Cable length: 2,7 m.

– Net weight: 450g.

– Plug Type: Euro Plug Type C.

– Packing Content: Flat iron and Manual.

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